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Friday, March 28, 2014

Coiled and no where to strike.

 I woke up rather late last Saturday morning, much later than I normally would for a Saturday in late March. The chill in the room reminded me that I had no plans for the day which made me feel less guilty about my decision to just light a fire, put on a pot of coffee and lazily waste away the morning. Knowing that my neighbor, Jim Neubauer, was on vacation in Hawaii and being the tree hugger that I am I couldn't sit still while there was a perfectly good Chicago Tribune just lying in his driveway going to waste. I slipped on some shoes and headed to the garage to make my way outside to steal his paper when I hit the button for the overhead door. All I heard was a big thump and the door slammed shut as fast as it opened. "What the Hell, now what?" After closer inspection I realized where the problem lied . It was a broken spring. Doesn't that just sum it all up, a broken spring. It was like a sign, an omen maybe. As if it wasn't enough that we had to endure an arctic vortex that was clinically diagnosed as bi polar, Spring is officially here and it's broken. Last week, Pick-A-Tool Rentals (ding), the company I work for, rented our largest blower heaters, not to heat a warehouse like usual, but to blow heat under a tarp at U.S. Cellular Field so they can thaw the infield. This weekend, MLB teams will be breaking camp and coming north. To me, that is as sure of a sign of Spring as any. Monday, the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox play Baltimore and there won't be an oriole in sight. The only thing heating up around here Baby, is March Madness, Baby! For the first time ever, the highly awaited Ice Out Challunge had to be pushed back from March 22nd. to April 5th. and if the overnight temps don't start to go up a bit there is a chance it may be cancelled all together. If that was to happen it would be a terrible thing. I really enjoy the Ice Out. There's something about the first outing of the year that makes it special, maybe it's all the anticipation, cabin fever or  the rush of finally being out fishing that I like so much. Maybe its because I won in 2010  and my name is on the trophy. Yeah, I bet that's it.
So, lets all hope and pray for some warmer temperatures this week. In the meantime, I'll give Neubauer a call and hopefully he can bring some of that Polynesian weather back with him or possibly one of those wooden Tiki Idol God figures that Bobby Brady had so we can cast a curse on this broken Spring. It this point I'll try anything. Let's hope our prayers are answered, and if not, I can always bring up a bunch of heaters, unfortunately, I don't think Pick-A-Tool has a tarp big enough to cover the lake.


  1. Winter has this Spring wound too tight to fix.


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