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Friday, May 6, 2016

Muskies Inc Article

 For the past 15 years, the Iceout Challunge has been the outing that has jump started Chapter #49's open water fishing season. After months of watching our boats collect dust in the garage, it was finally time to rip off the cover and head to the lake. On the third Saturday of last March that was exactly how some 15 boat owners  chose to spend their day. The much anticipated kickoff event was contests by over 30 anglers from five different M.I. chapters and by the time the last boat was loaded back on its trailer over 25 muskies were hoisted over their gunwales. Although many fish were too small for registration, 6 of them qualified for Muskie Inc MOFC points. One boat in particular had a very busy day. Chap #42 Hoosier Muskie Hunter team member Nikki Swain boated five fish and registered 3 for a total of 32 points which was enough to put her clear of the rest and earn her the title of 2016 Iceout Champion. HMH team member Jeremy Sivis claimed 3rd place with a nice 39'' musky. Sivis' points combined with Swain's bested HMH over WLMC , Chicagoland Musky Hunters #3 and Michigan Muskie Alliance #47 securing the covenanted Travelling Trophy and bragging right for 2016 . Jordan Kane from CMH came in 2nd place landing two muskies, the largest being 36". On behalf of the WLMC, I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported this outing. Outings like these are the biggest reason most of us join clubs and organizations. Like minded members discussing muskie fishing after a day of chasing our favorite species is as rewarding as the catch itself. Well, almost.

Our next event will be the 23 hour Ironman Tournament.  It will be held June 10, beginning at 6:00pm and ending the following evening, June 11 at 5:00pm. All M.I. chapter members are invited. If you are new to tourney fishing, this event is a great way to get your feet wet. Modest entry fees and friendly club atmosphere  gives one an opportunity to hone their skills for next year's Indiana Muskie Classic without all the pressure. Like all our events, swapping strategies and telling fish tales over a warm meal will be taking place at the awards presentations immediately following. If you can't make out on the water, stop by the Pavillion in North Webster for a bite to eat and some club camaraderie. Rules and entry fees will be posted on our club website,  or on our Facebook page.

We are in the planning stages of organizing a family picnic for our members. The proposed date is August 6th. This will be the first non fishing event WLMC has planned in a while. If you are interested in attending or would like to be added to the picnic planning committee, please get in contact with a board member. We look forward  to any ideas people have about fishing or non fishing events you would like to see held in the future. Remember, this is your club. Your participation is much needed and desired. Let's make 2016 the best club year ever.

WLMC would like to welcome the following new members. Matthew Ledford, Tommy Frederiksen, John Boehning, Kevin Holland, Jared Knipper Family, Kyle Halderman, Mark Asuras, Ciara and Laura Spangler, Pamela Brescia and Dave Brosky.

Don't stop Believerin',
Jim Welsh 

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