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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beam me up, Scotty!

Captain's log.. Star date, day 30. It's been a month since ice out and it finally looks like things are starting to happen. It's about time because the season didn't start out with much of a "big bang". The Iceout Challunge fell victim to the timing of the spawn as over 25 anglers competed and were unable to boat a single fish. A week later, during our first League Outing, one fish was caught, but they were still moving very slowly. A few days later, in the middle of the week, the usual suspects rounded up a few unusually large Muskies. Things were starting to pick up, maybe the stars were becoming aligned. The weather wasn't heating up all that fast, but the fishing sure was, just in the nick of time.

 Last weekend was the first of our two Guide for a Day fundraisers and by the end of the day the Muskies were moving at warp speed. At the lunch break, which was delicious btw, it looked like it was going to be a special day. The clients in the big black tiller boat had a real good morning, landing a 50 inch Muskie on a crankbait. But wait, that's not all! Jake, flying Han Solo, caught and landed a 49 1/4 on a Kickin' Minnow, by himself! Here's the count..... a 50"er, a 49 1/4"er, a 46"er, a 43.5"er, 40 1/4"er, a 39"er, a 36"er and finally a 32"er. All total, we put the Vulcan grip on eight muskies, 6 caught by clients! Now how much will you pay? It was like we became one with the Universe. GFAD was a big success!  Most of the clients showed interest in reserving  a spot for the fall session. Congratulations to all of the guys who caught fish as well as the members who participated in guiding them. This was my second GFAD and I got to say, it's pretty cool putting people on fish, especially their first Musky. If you haven't  been the G in GFAD  before, I think you should try it. It's a good time, you meet some really nice people and based on the success of this Spring session, this is your chance, as the club will be looking for a bunch more boats, come fall.

This week has proved that the bite is still on. Maybe this year the fishing around here will return to the way it was back in the "Glory Days". That might be a little optimistic but hey, we are on the right trek. Already it looks like it'll be better than the past few years. Hopefully, you are reading this and decide to dust off  the "Ye Olde" (ding) tackle box and get out on the water this weekend. Catch a few musky and get ready for the May 31st. League Outing. One would say now's the time.
After all, it is logical, Captain.

Live long and prosper,
Captain James T. Welsh

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
Joseph Campbell

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