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Monday, July 7, 2014

Jim’s empty corner

You may have noticed that Jim’s corner has been devoid of any newly crafted witticisms and yarns. I have heard that he may in fact be on a Summer hiatus. I hope not, as his cockeyed canards and anecdotal accounts are always a jovial jaunt into Jim’s psyche. Jim’s corner has stood empty recently. Like that corner of the garage where he used to keep the croquet set before the big clean up.

It has also been rumored that Jim’s lack of celtic concocted compositions may be caused by Jim forsaking his muse. You see Jim’s muse at times comes to him cloaked in an elegant purple garb befitting royalty. Crowned in perfection with the upmost taste and refinement. But again, this is only speculation. Jim’s muse may appear in other more malty forms as well.

Whatever the cause of this creative holiday, I for one am ready for another one of Jim’s creations.

 - Bill Kopp

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